About the College

About the College

 Design is a creative activity conducted in order to satisfy a human need in a limited amount of space under specified material circumstances.

  Teaching design is basically a type of professional training integrating technology. It encompasses a wide range of courses from the theory and application of sociology, humanities, nature, economics and engineering skills. These are knowledge fields that cannot be disregarded in an education in design. Therefore, the College of Design in the University was created on August 1, 1997 in order to integrate design-related departments, increase sharing of resources, effectively use space and raise competitiveness.

  The College of Design was established in August 1997. It focuses on skillful intervention for designers to enhance knowledge of the interacting social, cultural, natural, economic and technological factors, and design ability consisting of the capacity to identify, analyze and solve problems in a creative way. We currently have four departments: Architecture, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture, and have master's programs in Architecture and Urban Design. In 2001, we start to offer a PhD program in Architecture and Urban Design and master's program in Design, and has a Split Mode PhD program between the University of Canberra and CYUT since 2003.

The educational philosophy of the college is "the creature thinking shall be integrated with progressive technology". It has aimed at implementing "computerizing learning," "liberal-minded thinking," "community motivated design," "deepened intellectual pursuit." Accordingly, that the higher standard of the basic courses of each department has been vigorously demanded, the more computer aid learning has been widely implemented. Apprenticeship has been strictly enforced. Besides intracurriculum class, the college has been very active in inter-universities corporative projects, holding seminars in various issues that are currently developed in the creative field and subject of academic significance. The College also implements the sandwiched educational plans, which make the arrangement of courses more suitable to student of different background and personalities.

The College full-time faculty number 52 including 3 professors, 13 associate professors, 12 assistant professors, and 24 lecturers; with doctoral degree holders number 18 and master's degree holders number 34; total students in the College number 1,367.
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